Globus is a data transfer web-application that you can use to move data from your local computer ⟺ RCDS or the RCDS ⟺ other HPC centers. We have coordinated with the UI networking team to ensure data transfers through this service occur at high speed - and transfers using globus between the RCDS and remote endpoints can sometimes even be faster than transferring data between computers on campus.

To get started, you’ll need to create a Globus account. At some point we may be able to use our University credentials, but this is currently broken.

Login to the globus website (, and you should see an interface for transferring files:

Click on the left Endpoint (Start here… ), and search for IBEST. You should see:

Select the IBEST endpoint, and login with your RCDS credentials. You should see the contents of your /mnt/ceph/username directory. Only transfers to/from Ceph are currently supported. Next, choose the right Endpoint. This can be your personal computer (see the Get Globus Connect Personal link in the bottom right corner), or some other Globus endpoint.

You can transfer whole directories or single files. The transfer is scheduled by the app, and will resume if interrupted. You do not need to stay logged in once the transfer is scheduled.


If you see errors like this in the transfer activity

then the remote endpoint is likely being blocked by the firewall on the data transfer node. In this case, just send us an email and we’ll get the endpoint added to our allowed list.