HPC Accounts

Accounts are now available to faculty, staff, and students at the University of Idaho at no charge* and to external users for a service fee. * Up to 30TB of data per PI may be stored at no charge. Research groups storing more than 30TB that will be charged a service fee, details here.

How to get an account

Please email us, and we'd be happy to get you set up. If you are not a Faculty member, please include the name of the Faculty member you are working with.

You will then get an email from one of our friendly neighborhood Systems Administrators when your account has been created.

Standard Accounts

Individual accounts will provide access to all of the currently available HPC systems. Including but not limited to:

  • Compute clusters
  • Standalone analysis servers
  • Central computing storage

Individual accounts utilize a set of shared resources that will be used by many researchers. As such, we reserve the right to limit the use of these systems to ensure that all account holders have fair access to the resources. In times of heavy usage, it may be impossible to ensure that jobs can be run instantaneously, but we will do everything within our capabilities to ensure that all users have faire and equal access to the systems. There are certain systems that will require prior approval to utilize to ensure appropriate usage.

In addition to system access, we can help with:

  • Consultation to help identify needs and appropriate system usage
  • Software installation support. We can install most bioinformatics software on computational systems uppon request. If you are unsure whether a particular software package will meet your needs, we request that you install it to your home direcotory first for evaluation purposes. Some software packages require additional infrastructure to be set up and maintained. These packages will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and installed at the discretion of the CRC Director.
  • Troubleshooting applications
  • Assistance in optimizing your workflows for high performance computing
  • Assistance in basic scripting and developing submission scripts
  • Access to CRC workshops

Requests will be addressed in the order they are received and will be responded to during normal business hours (9am-5pm M-F PST). Our staff monitors system health and will respond to system outages and other issues that affect multiple users.

Each HPC account is associated with an individual user. We do not allow multiple users to share an account. This policy is necessary to ensure equal access to computational resources among all users and accountability in the case of policy violations.

Use of Central Computing Storage (Lustre/Ceph)

We maintain a complex high performance distributed file system where user data is stored. This storage system is shared among all our computational systems, and is intended only for active research related data only. You may not use the storage system for:

  • backing up your computer (UI owned or personal)
  • archiving research data
  • storing any information that is FERPA or HIPAA protected or is otherwise considered sensitive

Once an account has expired, the account holder or PI will have 30 days to download their data before the account is closed and the data is removed. We will maintain your data in central storage for up to one calendar year if you request the Inactive Account service (above). University of Idaho users may request their data to be delivered on flash drive or hard drive.

University of Idaho Policies

Users are also expected to comply with policies listed in the Administrative Procedures Manual regarding Information Technology Services.

Educational Usage

We support educational use of the HPC resources, contact us for details.

General Policies

  • The class instructor is expected to provide primary support to their students using the HPC systems. Issues that the instructor cannot resolve should be forwarded to comp-core@uidaho.edu
  • Student data will not be backed up, and is limited to 100GB per user.