Umbrella HPC Service


The Umbrella HPC Service is available to Primarily Undergraduate Instituions and provides a simplified billing structure to allow access by students and faculty to RCDS HPC resources.

A variety of account types are offered - detailed here:

Account Type Total Number allowed Data per user Data Total1 Data shared Backup policy Servers HPC Cluster Partitions
Sandbox unlimited 10GB System limited (4 TB) None No backups onyx none
Student unlimited 10GB 20TB 500 GB/class No backups jayne slartibartfast seraph volatile
Thesis unlimited 1 TB 40TB None weekly ford trillian zaphod marvin tiny Short reg long gpu-short gpu-long
Research 5 per lab 1 TB 100 TB 10TB/lab weekly ford trillian zaphod marvin arthur colin petunia tiny short reg long gpu-short gpu-long

1 Data amounts listed here are example amounts only, and can be adjusted based on the actual agreement.

General Guidelines

  • For 'student' and 'sandbox' accounts - troubleshooting issues and requests for help using the systems should first be directed to the class instructor. If the instructor is unable to resolve the issue, the request can be submitted to
  • User accounts may be revoked at any time for violations of these policies, or for violating UI policies regarding Information Technology Services.
  • Each account is associated with an individual user. We do not allow multiple users to share an account. This policy is necessary to ensure equal access to computational resources among all users and accountability in the case of policy violations.

We maintain a complex high performance distributed file system where user data is stored. This storage system is shared among all our computational systems, and is intended only for active research related data only. You may not use the storage system for:

  • backing up your computer (personal or otherwise)
  • archiving research data
  • storing any information that is FERPA or HIPAA protected or is otherwise considered sensitive


Pricing is per institution. For FY2022 (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022) , the cost is $9555.19.

Getting Started

Are you a faculty member at an Umbrella institution? Read our getting started guide.